Android Marshmallow lets you block any phone numbers natively, so you will not get annoying spam call from the phone numbers anymore. The latest Google dialer app in Android Marshmallow has native call blocking function, which lets you blacklist any phone number you want, so you will not receive annoying calls anymore.

In this tutorial, we will let you know how to block any phone number natively on your Android phone running on Android Marshmallow. Spam calls are becoming one of the big annoyances on smartphones today and if you are one of the unlucky person receiving them, follow the below guide to stop them.


Note: Though Android Marshmallow lets you block phone numbers natively, it will not support SMS blocking now. Of course, you can block the sender, but you will continue to receive messages from that number, but will not be notified anymore.

How to Block Phone Numbers Natively on Android Marshmallow


1. Open dialer app and just long press on the phone number that you want to block. Select ‘Block number’ from the available options and confirm it.

2. You can also block any phone number from Call Blocking settings or from the call details.

3. Go to phone settings (3 vertical dots) and select ‘Call blocking’ from available options.

4. Tap the ‘+’ button to add any phone number that you want to block and stop from calling you.

Note that though call from blocked numbers will be blocked, they may still be able to send voice mail to you. Also, you can always unblock any phone number by going to ‘Call blocking’ settings.

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