Almost all Android users especially rooted and custom ROM users might have come across apps continually force-closing issue on their Android phone or tablet. There are various reasons for apps force closing and there are a couple of straightforward ways to fix this problem.

The reasons for force closing apps on Android are various. Corrupted cache data, app’s UID mismatch, incompatibility with the device, and resource hog or memory hog apps, etc. are some of the most common reasons. Here is how to fix it.


The ?rst method is simple that anyone can follow and works for all devices and versions of Android. Go to Settings>Apps, select the app you’re having problems with and use the Clear Data and Clear Cache options.


– Note that game progress will be lost if its data/cache is cleared!

The second method is for rooted devices and is recommended for advanced users. You can solve force-closing apps by ?xing apps permissions. To do that, you can use ‘Fix Permissions’, a free Google Play utility.


Once installed, run Fix Permission app and grant access to Superuser permission. If you have an app continually force closing, simply select the app in the list and the app will fix the UID mismatch automatically.

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