As announced at the I/O conference in 2019, Google started adding AR animals into the search result. You can view animated life-sized animals and birds along with their sound on Android and iOS devices that have Google ARCore support – A fun way to learn and enjoy your favorite animals.

What’s more, you can even bring them to your real place and add them into your photos. Here’s how to integrate Google AR animals in your photos. You can use Android smartphone runs on Android 7.0 or higher with ARCore support (check your device has AR core support), and iPhone runs on iOS 11.0 or higher.

Find AR ((augmented reality) animals on Google search
Google AR ((augmented reality) animals

You can view real-sized tigers, lions, pandas, penguins, macaw, jaguar, duck, dog, and many more animals, birds, and fish in AR (augmented reality). Below is a list of Google AR animals and birds we have discovered in the search.

How to find AR animals on Google Search?

  • Open Google Search app and search for any animal, for example, tiger.
  • Below the Wikipedia description of the tiger, you will see ‘Meet a life-sized tiger up close’ displayed in a small box.
  • Below the box, you can learn its life span, scientific name, height, weight, etc.

Add Google AR animals in your photos:

  • Tap on the ‘view in 3D’ button inside the box to view the animal in 3D.
  • Now, tap on ‘View in your space’ button.
  • It will open the animal in your camera viewfinder.
  • Point your phone downwards and move it around to place the animal in your place.
  • Now, drag the animal to any location, pinch or zoon the animal to make it in real-life scale.
  • Tap on the camera button to take the photo.

Google has already added many animals, birds and fishes in the AR list, which includes, Lion, Tiger, Deer, Beer, Cheetah, Wolf, Cat, Jaguar, Goat, Horse, Dog (Bulldog, Pomeranian, Labrador retriever, Pug, and Rottweiler), Alligator, Anglerfish, Python, Duck, Eagle, Emperor penguin, Giant panda, Macaw, Octopus, Shark, Snake, Turtle and more.

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