Android 12 is the next main OS update from Google. The first developer preview build is expecting to release in February 2021 with several changes and visual overhauls. The recent leak reveals the new UI changes of the OS. The system accent color, which changes with the wallpaper theme, will color every element in Android 12. You can see it from the search bar to widgets.

Android 12 recent leaks reveal two new wallpapers. If you are interested in Android 12 leaked wallpapers, download them from the link below for your phone. The default wallpaper features a mountain in sand color with a clear sky. Keep in mind that these wallpapers may not be in the official build.

Android 12 visual changes and  features (leaked)
Android 12 visual changes and features (leaked)

Android 12 Features

Keep in mind that Google has not yet announced the Android 12, so everything mentioning here is subject to change.

Apart from the visual changes, Android 12 will carry several changes. The new iOS 14 like widgets in Android 12 will show missed calls, messages, alarms, reminders, and other notifications. And the conversation widgets make it easy to track and respond to chats.

Another feature expecting to include in Android 12 is the new privacy signs. Your phone will show a green indicator on the status bar if an app uses the camera or microphone. It is something similar to visual indicators of iOS 14. And, the new enhanced privacy settings will show the permission accessed by the running apps.

Android 12 may include the scrolling screenshot function. So you can capture a long page without having to stitch together multiple screenshots manually.

Restricted networking mode, Hibernating unused apps, anti-tracking feature, etc., are other new important features expect to include in Android 12. Users can also expect improvement on existing features like enhancements on split-screen mode.

Android 12 Release Timeline

If Google follows last year’s timeline, the first Android 12 Developer Preview will be rolling out in February 2021. After the three developer preview builds, Google will release the public beta builds, usually in June. Before the final build, there will be two beta builds. The stable Android 12 release is expecting to release Q3 of this year, probably in October 2021.

However, since the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been completely wiped out, the usual timeline may vary this year.

Download Android 12 Leaked Wallpapers

Android 12 leaked wallpapers preview

If you like Android 12 leaked wallpapers, download them from the link below. The wallpaper zip contains two wallpapers in FHD+ resolution.

Download wallpaper zip file

After downloading the wallpaper zip file to your phone, unzip it using a File Explorer app. If you are looking for other devices wallpapers, check our wallpaper download section.

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