For some Android users, features and functions offered by manufacturer’s launchers are not enough. In this situation, a more effective choice is the custom launcher option. There are several custom launchers (free and paid) available at Play Store for downloading. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages and you can improve the performance of your phone by adding one.

Smart Launcher is a very simple, but feature rich launcher replacement for Android phone (Android 2.2 and above) which is characterized by a minimalist design, low memory usage and a user-friendly UI.


An outstanding feature of this innovative launcher is that it automatically catalogues installed apps. You can easily locate your apps by just swiping from your home screen.

Though Smart Launcher has a minimalist design, you can configure it as per your needs. It supports icons for your apps, can add widgets, offers fast search and more.

The paid version of Smart Launcher is free on Play Store today (24hours) with App of the Day. Interested users may go here and download the app.

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