The features and tech specs of the Samsung Galaxy S4 are impressive. By virtue of the cutting edge hardware onboard, the Galaxy S4 is the best smartphone available in the market. Even though the Galaxy S4 is an amazing phone with powerful features it does not offer flawless performance. If you are considering purchasing the Galaxy S4 you should also be aware of the common Galaxy S4 issues. However, most of the issues associated with this model are not major and can be fixed by simply tweaking some settings.



Poor Battery Life – Generally, smartphones with a large HD display and powerful specs like quad-core CPU can easily drain battery life. Galaxy S4’s powerful 2600mAh battery is known for getting drained completely within a day.

Solution: To fix this issue, you can need to go to Settings > More > Battery and check which features of the phone is consuming the battery. Other than this, you can try disabling features like Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, etc. You can enable the Power Saving mode through the notifications area and you can lower the brightness of your display screen. Apps that automatically sync also consume a lot of battery.

Display Smearing – Many users have complained that when they scroll on a black background, the display begins to smear. When the brightness is high, users have also noticed purple haze or red tint on the screen.

Solution: Samsung is well aware of the problem and they have already rolled out an OTA update. However, even after the release the smearing issue has not been fixed yet. Some people still facing the issue are making use of apps like Screen Adjuster through which you can adjust colors, brightness, and contrasts of the screen.

Slow Performance and Lags – You may feel that the Galaxy S4 is one of the fastest smartphones available on the market. However, users have reported that they have often experienced lags with the phone. Particularly, many users have felt that the “Home” button is not responsive enough.

Solution: Features present on the phone that use a lot of disk space and RAM can cause the TouchWIZ UI to perform sluggishly. To fix it, you can go to Settings > More > Applications Manager > All >, then select the desired apps and disable them.

When you press the “Home” button twice, it launches the S Voice app. However, if you only press the “Home” button once, the phone waits for a second so that you may press the button again to access S Voice. To overcome this issue, you need to press “Menu” key and go to Settings and remove the tick mark from “Open via the Home Key.” This will make the “Home” button quickly show the home screen when you press it.

Overheating – Users of Galaxy S4 have also complained that their phones sometimes become hot. This happens mainly when you play games or video on the phone. Overheating issues have also been observed while using the Internet browser and camera.

Solutions: You can eject and remove the microSD card and back up all your data and then put the microSD card inside the phone and format it. This can solve your issue. If the issue is related to the system software, by performing the OTA update you can solve the issue. The issue can also be caused by a malicious app. Hence, you need to update all the important apps on your phone.

This article was written by Sheldon Armstrong, a techie who loves keeping up with the latest gadgets in the market and writing about them online.


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