The default lockscreen on Android (Android 4.2 and later) lets you add a selection of widgets including Email, Gmail, Google+ posts and Calendar on the screen for quick access. It means you can access those contents without first unlocking the phone. Also, there are several lockscreen replacement app available for customizing the lockscreen to your liking.



Cover is an innovative lockscreen replacement app for Android that brings you the right apps at the right time on the lockscreen, so you can launch them easily with a swipe. For instance, Cover for Android can bring Weather and Email in the morning, Calendar at work and home, Maps in the car and son on.

Cover requires nothing to set up or configure. Only need to enter your home and work location and everything else works automatically. The app learns your location, recognizes when you are driving (by using your phone’s accelerometer and gyroscope) and then learns which apps you use most in each situation.

Cover for Android can make things much easier by bringing your favorites apps at your fingertip at right time. Cover is currently in an invite-only beta program. You can get more details from here.

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