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Speed Up Working With Photoshop and Video Editing Software

Ram disk

RAM Disk is a small tool that lets you create RAM drives on your PC. They are virtual drives created out of the system memory, and hence they can read and write data more than 1,000 times faster than hard drives. Demanding applications such as audio/video editors, Photoshop, etc., that creates and seeks temporary data benefit greatly from RAM drives.

For example, you can set the RAM drive as the working folder for audio/video editing software or as the scratch disk in Photoshop and you’ll find an immense improvement in program response.

This tiny piece of software allows you to create RAM drives of specific capacities depending on the amount of RAM installed in your PC. It installs a device driver that handles these virtual drives.


However, the contents of the virtual drive are erased after you reboot the PC. It would have been great if this software offered the backup and restore function for retaining data after reboot. You can download RAM Disk at source