There are several cleaning software for Windows, but most of them are not able to remove some unwanted files like Thumbs.db, config.msi folder, iconcache.db, .sqm file, etc. from your PC.

Here is a tiny, portable program called PureRa that can removes these files from your computer and free up some disk spaces.


PureRa currently removes the following files:

  • Config.msi folder – Some times Windows can not remove setup files automatically. Overtimes the Config.msi folder can get cluttered with useless files.
  • Thumbs.db contains a copy of each of the preview images which helps you load image quickly. Too many of these unnecessary files requires lot of disk space
  • Iconcache.db can become corrupted and lead to garbled/fuzzy icons. Deleting these will force Windows to re-create new icon.
  • sqm-files are created by MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. It is said that these files can send about your use of MSN Live Messenger (read surfing behavior) to Microsoft.
  • Desktop.ini is used to tell Windows how to display a folder. For example, enabling Thumbnail view creates a desktop.ini file in that folder which amongst other things tells Windows to add an extra item to the View menu for that folder.

Download PureRa for Windows 7, Vista and XP (home page)

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  1. Cool looking app. I am among those people who love to try out many software and when I decide to uninstall some of them leave invisible trail in form of unnecessary system files. Hope PureRa will be able to help!

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