Night Sight is a low light photography feature of Google Camera app, where machine learning boosts light in low light. This feature brings great results in low light without using a flash. Night Sight isn’t yet available for older Pixel phones, but should get in a future update. Meanwhile, latest Google camera app v6.1 APK (port) with working Night Sight mode is available for Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and latest Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

Google camera port with Night Sight can be installed on Pixel/XL, Pixel 2/2 XL and Pixel 3/3 XL as a standalone app. Note that Google will release the new camera app for Pixel phone with Night Sight function sooner or later. However, if you want to try the new feature right know, you can download the modded camera app APK from the link below.



image credit xda
There is no doubt that the camera is one of the big selling points on today’s smartphone. Many smartphones are now comes with a decent camera along with a variety of software features such as HDR+, optical image stabilization (OIS), Lowlight shot, Super Res zoom, Focus Tracking, and much more.

However, even if your smartphone has a high-resolution camera and single, dual or triple camera, it does not mean that it can produce high-quality photos. It should require a good camera app like the Google camera app. The latest version comes with exciting features like Night Sight, Photobooth, Super Zoom, Live Lens and many more.

As said above, the Night Sight is one of the best features of latest Google Camera app. The result of the feature is awesome (see screenshot). This feature uses long exposure time and some software technique to enhance low light photography. Thanks to XDA member Cstark27, the modded Google camera app (v works on all Pixel phones.


Download Google Camera with Night Sight

If you are interested, download the modded Google camera app APK with Night Sight mode [here] or [source] and install just like any APK file. Since the camera app signed with signed with Cstark27’s own key it won’t install on top of the original camera app.

How to use Night Sight mode

After installation, when you open the camera in low light, it automatically detects the situation and suggests using the Night mode. You can also access the mode by swiping to ‘More’ and selecting Night.

In Night Sight mode, the camera shutter displays a moon icon. Note that you need to wait few seconds as the camera needs to more lights. [source – xda]

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