The hard disk activity indicator (HD LED), which normally can be seen on computer’s casing, is very useful for monitoring the hard disk activities (read /write) of your PC.

Why this is very useful? For example, if the HD LED blinks constantly even when you are not doing anything on your PC, it means something is going on in the pc. It may be because of a virus activity or background scanning of your Antivirus software, or any other reason.


Ok that, but Your regular HD LED on the hardware PC has only 1 LED, meaning that you’d never know if there was activity on another partition or physical USB drive.

Moreover, if your laptop or desktop PC has a defective LED, or if the CPU is away from you , that is located down and right below underneath the table in the dark, you can’t watch the irregular activities of your HDD.

To help you here is a simple software program called FloatLED that monitors activities of all partions of your hard drive and displays it on the monitor screen.

Installation and configuration is very simple. No further technical knowledge is required. Just install and select the drive (C, D,E,F….), that’s all.

FloatLED will work on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and can be free downloaded at source.

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