Now it is possible to make your own custom watch faces for your Android Wear smartwatch such as LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live and Moto360. You can design clock dial, hour hand, minute hand, and watch face dimmed state for your smartwatch with a free app called WearFaces – Watchface Creator.

With WearFaces – Watchface Creator you can easily make watch faces by creating background for the dial, hour hand, minute hand, the seconds hand and the dimmed states. Then you can transfer it your device and apply your custom watch face.


Additionally, the app also lets you download watch faces created by other users and lets you use them on your smartwatch. You can download custom made watch faces from

To build your own watch faces and take full advantage of your Android Wear smartwatch customization follow guide given below:

1. Install WearFaces app (download link at the bottom of this post) on your Android phone and sync it from the Android Wear App

2. Design your own watch face by creating pictures for the dial, hour hand, minute hand and the seconds hand and the according dimmed states (320×320 PNG image is better) and save the files on your device.


3. Start the WearFaces App and choose the files.

4. Hit “Send to Wear”, wait until the dialog opens on the watch. After the progress bar finishes you can apply the “Custom WearFace” from the wacthface picker.

For your information, Android Wear is recent development by Google for wearable devices such as smartwatches. It brings Google Now-style interface to your wrist, providing notifications and information when you need it, and covers everything from SMS to turn-by-turn navigation. (Source)

You can download WearFaces – Watchface Creator from Play Store

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