Followed by Apple iPhone X’s notch display design, many Android smartphone manufacturers are starting to implement ‘Notch’ display on their handsets. For example, the recently launched Huawei P20 and Vivo V9 have the notch display. Upcoming OnePlus 6, LG G7, etc. rumored to have this feature. If notch is not an attractive feature for you, you can hide it with ‘Notch Hider’ app for Android or with dark wallpaper.

Notch is not an attractive design for many, but it does allow for a higher screen-to-body ratio. However, if you do not like this feature, then you can hide it. For example, if you use black wallpaper for your home screen, then you barely notice the notch. This is the simplest method.


Huawei-P20-Pro Notch Hider

Another option is using a free app called ‘Notch Hider’. The app overlays a black bar above the status bar, so the status bar background became black, but it will not hide notification icons, clock, and other status bar icons. In addition, in horizontal mode overlay automatically hides itself.

Notch Hider is a free app that you can download from Play store. Here is how to use this app to hide notch on your phone, for example Huawei P20 Pro.

How to use Notch Hider

1. Download Notch Hider app from Play store here and install it (it is free)

2. It is quick tile, so it will not add an icon in the app drawer.

3. Swipe down the Quick Settings men and tap ‘Edit’. From the available list, drag the notch hider tile to the quick settings menu list.


4. Just tap on the tile to quickly on/off notch.

One advantage of notch is that it maximizes screen space by housing the sensors, camera and speaker in it. If you are planning to buy a new smartphone in the coming months there is a chance it may have a notch. To hide it you may use above method. (Source)

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