The new Android Runtime (ART) introduced on Android 4.4 KitKat brings faster performance and longer battery life to devices. While ART is a work-in-progress replacement for the current Dalvik Runtime, many users are reporting noticeable performance improvements after switching to ART, though at the expense of apps compatibility issue.

If you are using custom Android 4.4KitKat ROMs such as CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android or AOKP that ships without Google Apps package then you should install a GApps package to get all Google features after installing the ROM. However, if you really wish to use ART runtime instead of the Dalvik, you should also use ART compatible Google Apps package.



Paranoid Android team has released ART compatible Google Apps (Gapps) package that should work fine on any custom Android 4.4 and above ROMs to help you mitigate core Google application compatibility issues when switching to ART.

Features of PA’s ART compatible GApps package

– It should work fine on any custom Android 4.4.x
– All 4.4.x GApps packages and add-ons are compatible with both ART and Dalvik runtimes
– The package is ‘0-day initiative’. The Paranoid Android team updates the package as soon as Google releases new variants.
– All apps are untouched.
– Automatic Backup: It is not necessary to re-flash GApps or modules when you flash a ROM update. Most ROM’s support this function.

You can download the ‘0-day initiative’ ART compatible Google Apps package from source here.

Now, if you don’t know how to switch to ART, read my previous article. It is quite simple – Go to Settings>Developer options, tap Select Runtime and choose Use ART. Click OK to confirm. After rebooting, it will display a message informing you that “Android is upgrading”. Once Android starts, your phone should be much faster!

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