One of the most interesting new features in Android 6.0 Marshmallow is Doze. This battery-saving feature automatically cuts off non-essential background apps and functions when you are not using your phone or while it is in standby mode. Tests have shown that Doze can double the battery life of most devices. However, your phone meets certain requirements in both hardware and software to support Doze, otherwise you will not get benefit from the Doze battery saving feature.

Now the question here is does your Android phone support Doze. Here is how to check weather your Android phone or tablet support Doze or not. Besides Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later, Doze needs two other things (Significant Motion Detector APIs and Google Cloud Messaging) on the phone to work. An XDA member ISDP has developed a simple app that checks your device for Doze support.

You can read more about Doze, its working (Doze lifecycle) and its requirements on a device at here. The article shows that Doze requires following two things on a device to work.

1. Device implements the significant motion detector (SMD) APIs in the Sensor HAL. Devices that do not implement these APIs cannot support Doze.

2. Device has a cloud messaging service, such as Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). This enables the device to know when to wake from Doze.

Check for Doze Support app check these requirements and shows the result. Download the app APK [HERE] and install it.


Just run the app and it shows whether your Android phone/tablet support Doze or not. (Source – XDA)

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