Even if you have a fastest broadband connection, a computer with decent configuration and the newest version of Google Chrome, you may still be surfing the web in the slow lane. Things like improper settings, not using time saving tools, etc can cause slow browsing. Here is how to navigate faster in webpages with Webpage Faster for Chrome.

Webpage Faster is a simple extension for Google Chrome that helps you navigate faster within any webpage. You can use your mouse or keyboard to find content inside a webpage in a jiffy.


Here is how it works: No need to configure this tool. After installing it, on every webpage you’ll see a new icon in the top corner.

When you hover the icon with your mouse, you’ll see useful links of that page (see screenshot). You can search, and multi-select links using keyboard or mouse.

This extension improves the web accessibility for users with keyboard only and also turbo-charge your time online.

Interested users can download the exterior from Chrome Web Store.


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