Android’s Best Virtual Buddy Speaktoit Assistant Now Available For Windows 8 and Windows RT

Speaktoit, the top-rated virtual assistant on Android has launched a version for Windows 8 and Windows RT. Since Windows has a relative lack of virtual assistant options, Speaktoit figures to be a popular choice for users there. Windows 8 and Windows Surface tab users can now talk to their virtual buddy, get answers to questions and more.
Speaktoit has direct integrations with a lot of key web services, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Evernote, Wikipedia, etc. and this Windows version brings all these integrations to Windows users as well.

Moreover, Windows 8 users can use Speaktoit for taking notes, sending/reading texts, setting alarms, playing music, giving calendar reminders, telling jokes, map searching, reading the news, and updating social media and more.

Speaktoit’s been successful (6+ million users, funding from Intel Capital) because of its uniquely personal avatar, two-way conversational setup (much more so than Apple’s Siri), and wide breadth of functions.

The app is free and can be download from Windows Store


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