Welcome Home App From Nokia Makes Transferring Data Hassle Free

Have you recently purchased a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone? Want to move your contacts, photos, videos, apps and other personal data from your old phone (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc) to your brand new Lumia? Then, Nokia has launched a new app called Welcome Home for Windows Phone to make the job hassle free.

Welcome Home for Windows Phone is an application for Windows and Mac OS X from Markspace, which is designed to help new Lumia owners to transfer their contacts, calendars and other items hassle free.


For apps, the Welcome Home application scans apps installed on old phone and make a list of recommended apps (identical or similar apps) with scannable QR codes for easy download.


It is certainly a useful application for those who are considering moving their contacts, files and apps over to their new Lumia from their old phone, but holds back due to the strain it involves.

To get started, just download Welcome Home application and simply plug in your phone via USB to your computer. It scan your phone and lists apps recommendations. You can easily install apps using the QR code provided.

You can download the free Welcome Home to Windows Phone app here (Windows PC and Mac OS X). [Via – Conversations.nokia]

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