Enjoy Galaxy S4 Music Player, S-Translate, Adapt Sound, Group-Play on Your CM10/10.1 Custom ROM Phone

Samsung’s latest flagship device Galaxy S4 comes packed with amazing features that rede?ne what we expect from our smartphones. This Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean powered phone brings innovative software features such as Smart pause, Smart scroll, Group play, etc. to users. If you would like to get some of the best new apps from the Galaxy S4 for your non-Galaxy S4 phone, some developers have managed to extract apps from System Dump of Galaxy S4.


If you have a phone with CyanogenMod 10 or CyanogenMod 10.1 custom ROM (CM10 / CM 10.1), you can download and use Galaxy S4 apps such as Adapt Sound, Group Play, S-Translate, Galaxy S4 Music Player, AccuWeather Widget, etc. These apps are extracted from system dump file of Samsung Galaxy S4.

Main attraction of Galaxy S4 apps included in the download:

Though the download includes apps such as Galaxy S4 Music Player, Galaxy S4 Samsung Hub, Leaked All-Share Play, New Samsung WatchOn, New Samsung Adapt Sound, New Group Play and S-Translate, AccuWeather Widget, below are main attraction of apps and its features.

S –Translator: It lets you talk without language barrier. If you speak into your phone it can translate it into another language as soon as you stop talking. Get the person you’re holding a conversation with to do the same and you can understand the response, letting you have a full conversation without language barrier.

Group Play: If you have many friends who own Galaxy S4s, you will be able to connect them together for the Group Play function. You can combine the speakers on multiple devices for vastly improved audio output, or join them for a session of multiplayer gaming online. All wireless, of course.

Samsung WatchON: Samsung’s TV remote service that incorporates infrared for controlling your viewing habits and may be extended to other equipment in and around your home in future.

Note: The apps works on almost all devices that runs on CyanogenMod 10 or CyanogenMod 10.1 custom ROM (Android 4.2Jelly Bean devices) devices. These apps are available in either AKP or Zip file. APK can be installed as usual and Zip needs to flash from recovery.

If you don’t know how to flash Zip from recovery, just read this: Place the downloaded flashable Zip in the SD card, reboot your device into custom recovery, navigate to “Install zips from SD card” and flash the Zip. Then go to Advance and wipe Dalvik cache.

Important Note: Do a full backup of the device from the custom recovery before you do anything. If anything goes wrong like Force Closes or gets stuck into Bootloops restore from recovery mode.

You can download all these apps from this XDA forum thread for free.

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  1. Reubs

    Feb 25, 2015 at 9:28 pm

    What will happen if I try to flash these to a oneplus one running cm12? I just want group play.

    • Kannan

      Feb 26, 2015 at 5:21 pm

      The app may not support CM 12

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