Always Show Hidden Open Tabs and Address bar in Internet Explorer 11(Quick Tip)

One of the new features of recently released preview of Windows 8.1 is Internet Explorer 11. It features many new functionality including a system to sync tabs across different devices (a feature long available in Firefox and Chrome) and delivers a best-in-class browsing experience across the full range of Windows devices and screen sizes.

A significant change that I noticed in this metro version of IE is the hidden tabs and the location of address bar. By default,IE 11 hides open tabs and address bar, which gives extra screen real estate on your computer.

Though you can still view hidden open tabs and address bar by just right clicking on the webpage you are browsing, there is an option to permanently visible they. Here is how to permanently display Address Bar and open Tabs in Internet Explorer 11 under Windows 8.1.


Launch the Internet Explorer 11 from the Start Screen, and then click Win + C key on your keyboard to bring up the Charm bar. Then click on Setting.


Under Settings menu, click on “Options” and under “Appearance” slide the slider to “On” position, which makes the address bar and tabs always visible. That’s it!

For your information, Internet Explorer 11 builds on the breakthrough advancements in Internet Explorer 10 and is the only browser that is perfect for touch screen devices.

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  1. Oliver

    Dec 4, 2014 at 3:01 am

    The feature that makes the tabs/address bar disappear is annoying. I see the solution for Win8.1 above; however, can you recommend how to handle this problem for IE11 running on Win 7 Pro?

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