How to Decode QR Code Online or With a Webcam

A QR code (Quick Response code) is similar to classic barcode, but it can handle more data than the barcode and is readable by high-end mobile phones with proper QR code processing app like Barcode Scanner (for Android) and QR Reader (for iPhone). Nowadays, QR codes are widely using for various purposes like sharing links, contact information, email address, sms, text, etc and at various places, for example, magazines, websites, business cards, etc.

Here the topic is how to decode a QR code without a dedicated QR code reader or high-end camera. It is useful, if your mobile phone does not offer any facility to read qr codes.

There are two methods. One is using your existing webcam and another is online (without any camera or application) method.

Decode QR Code Using Webcam:

If you have a working webcam, you can easily decode QR Code with it by using an application called QRreader. QRreader is Adobe AIR app (so works on Windows, Mac, and Linux) and easy to use.


How to use QRreader:

  1. Make sure you have a working webcam and Adobe AIR installed.
  2. Download and install QRreader.
  3. Get a scan-able QR code (generated on a device, or printed)
  4. Hold up the QR code to your webcam. Make sure your webcam can see the entire code, and that your code is evenly lit.
  5. If your webcam sees the code, the white brackets will turn red. Then you will hear a *beep* sound once the code has been read properly.

How to Decode QR Code Online

There are few free online QR code readers available for you to decode the QR code on the cloud such as Online Bar Code Reader and miniQR.

Online Bar Code Reader ( is a multi purpose bar code reader and supports various bar code formats. You can upload QR Code image from your desktop to decode it.

MiniQR reader ( is another tool that lets you easily decode any QR code by just giving the URL of the qr code image. It even lets you scan QR codes using your webcam.

Qrcode ( is another online tool that lets you decode your QR code by uploading it from your desktop.

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