Get Android L’s New Navigation Bar on Any Android Phone

Android L, the biggest Android update yet will not be available to end users until the autumn, however the developer community is in full swing to make its new features available for other Android phones. For example, now you can get Android L’s new Navigation bar on any phone running on Android 4 or higher. android l navigation bar On rooted Android 4+ phones, you can make your current navigation bar look like the new Android L navigation bar with an Xposed module. Just follow below guide to know how to install it. Please note that this module only brings the Android L Navigation bar, not its features. Installation Instruction: 1. There is no need to say that you have Xposed Framework installed and properly configured on your phone to install the module. 2. Download and install the Android L Navigation Bar APK (download it from here). 3. Enable it in Xposed from the module section and reboot your device. That’s it. No configuration is needed. The new navigation bar is a part of Android L’s new design language called ‘Material’. Comparing to the previous navigation bar there are few changes in its functions (source)

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