Ubuntu-LogoUbuntu is the most popular free Linux operating system. Many people now start to install Ubuntu on their Windows or Mac machine to taste the flavor of Linux.

However, some people find it bit difficult to install Ubuntu as a dual booting system or on a virtual machine. And also installing driver files, software, etc. are challenging for some people.

The free pdf edition of the Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference e-book written by Keir Thomas may help you in this context. It is an easy to understand reference guide to Ubuntu,

In seven chapters this e-book explains the essentials of day-to-day Ubuntu administration in a very simple style.

Installing Ubuntu, with in Windows, on a dual booting system, on a virtual machine, on an Apple Mac, installing drivers, software, sound, Bluetooth, installing printers, scanners, removable media, etc. etc are very neatly described in this book.

The PDF Edition of Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference is available entirely free of charge. It is practically identical to the Print Edition.


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