Opera Max was one of the best mobile data saving apps for Android, but few months back the company discontinued the app for some reason. Opera Max comes back again, but for Samsung Galaxy phones only. Renamed as Samsung Max, the app is now available on Play Store for download. Samsung updated the app with improved data saving mode, privacy protection mode, and an enhanced user interface.

If you use apps like Facebook, Chrome, YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, etc. most often on your Galaxy phone and your monthly mobile data plan exceeds, then Samsung Max app could be the best way to save your valuable data. Released a few days back, the app is now available for select Samsung’s phones only.


Samsung Max has two main functions: Data saving mode and Privacy protection mode. Below is what each mode offers to you.

Samsung Max saves mobile data on Galaxy Phones

Data Saving Mode: In this mode, the app will compress images, videos, music files, and web pages in your apps and browser to save mobile data. Users can also manage data permissions for specific apps, so that the app will automatically block background data usage of that app.

Privacy Protection Mode: This mode ensures better protection when using unknown Wi-Fi hotspots. It protects your privacy from snoopers with one-tap encryption, tracker blocking and a DNS (Domain Name System) masking service. This feature is also available for mobile data.

In other words, Samsung Max not only stops your exceeding monthly mobile data plan, but it also protect your privacy on internet.

It is said that Samsung Max app will come preloaded on all Galaxy A and Galaxy J series phone selling on countries like India, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Argentina, Indonesia, etc.

Samsung Max app is available for download on Play Store [here] and Galaxy Apps stores for supported phones. (Source – Samsung)

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