Do you know why your Android phone is not fast as it was before? Or are you wondering where all of your phone’s storage went? The possible reason is your apps such as Android Market, Brower, Email, Twitter, Facebook, etc have been saving tons of cache files.

Without properly clearing all these cache files, you cannot solve your phone’s issues. That is where 1-click cleaner, a free and easy to use cleaner app that can clean cache files, SMS, browsing history, calling records and SD card files just with a click.



1-click cleaner requires no root permission to install and cleaning your device and offers the following main features:

  1. One click to clear all cache
  2. Uninstall application
  3. One click to clear data
  4. Move apps to SD card to get more space
  5. Force stops running application
  6. Delete SMS by all SMS, contact SMS, or unknown SMS

1-click cleaner developed by an XDA forum member can download at source here.

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