For updating mobile phone’s firmware and installing applications, most mobile manufacturers offer a desktop utility to make the process easy. Samsung Kies, iTunes (for IOS devices), HTC Sync, etc are main examples. If you are looking one for your LG smartphone, then here is LGMobile Support Tool. LGMobile Support Tool makes it easy to update your LG phone’s firmware and install USB drivers for connecting phone to PC.

You can also use this tool to download LG PC Sync software for syncing data with your computer and download manuals for your LG Smartphone.


To use LGMobile Support Tool:

1. Install it on your Windows PC (required internet connection) and connect your LG phone to PC via USB cable.

2. LGMobile Support Tool will automatically detect your mobile phone model number and will start installing USB drivers.

You can download LGMobile Support Tool free at source here (via)

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