Android-newSmartphones getting more and more users these days as it offers an array of features that make our day to day activities easier to deal with. But, one of the main issues concerned with smartphones is privacy. People always want to keep their private data and applications safe. The free Android app called Application Safer is one of the best security apps that can keep your apps and private data on your Android phone safe.

Application Safer is useful, for example, if you want to prevent others from installing or uninstalling some apps or malware and prevent others from seeing your private info you don’t want to share.


Application Safer is a light weight app, once you installed, it will prompt you to enter the passcode (password) for locking/ unlocking your Android apps. Default password would be ‘hello’. With this app you can easily lock any third party or default app just by a single tap.

Application Safer is a free Android app and can be downloaded at this link


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