Every mobile phone has a ringer volume level setting option, but the setting is fixed and there is no option for automatically adjusting the volume level based on the surrounding noises. However, the Intelligent Ringer app for Android lets you automatically down the ringer volume when we are in a quiet place (for example, in a library) or higher when we are in a noisy place, (for example, in a party).

Developed by an XDA forum member Soulreaver1, the Intelligent Ringer app automatically adjust the ringtone volume based on the ambient noise level in which your smartphone is actually working. It does this by analyzing the amount of noise with the phone’s microphone.



Users can adjust the sensitivity and accuracy of the microphone, the minimum and maximum volume limit, etc. from the application settings menu.

You can set additional volume, which is added to the actual measurement value when the device is discovered to be in a pocket. It use your device’s proximity sensor for this.

What happened in silent mode: when the phone is silent mode, Intelligent Ringer won’t change it.

Intelligent Ringer is a free app and compatible with devices running Android versions 2.3 and above. You can download it free from the Play store. [Via-XDA]


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