To quickly identify a caller without looking at the phone, usually we set different ringtone for each contact. However, how to identify a caller when our phone in silent mode (vibrating mode)? If we can assign different vibrating pattern for each contact, it may quite easy. You can do that with a free app called ViBe for Android.

ViBe is a simple to use application that offers 10 custom vibrating patterns to assign them to contacts to identify a caller when the phone in silent mode.


It may help us in many places like office, class, or on a movie date. ViBe also supports SMS/ MMS text messages. It may also help physically disabled individuals (blind and hearing impaired) to identify a caller.

How to Configure ViBe?

1. Install ViBe from the Android Market and run it.


2. Pick a contact and set a unique vibration pattern to him.

That’s it! You can download ViBe from Android Market for free.

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  1. Thank you for the article! We are planning on releasing the next update fairly on ViBe which will allow a user to create their own ViBes.

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