To quickly identify a caller without looking at the phone, usually we set different ringtone for each contact. However, how to identify a caller when our phone in silent mode (vibrating mode)? If we can assign different vibrating pattern for each contact, it may quite easy. You can do that with a free app called ViBe for Android.

ViBe is a simple to use application that offers 10 custom vibrating patterns to assign them to contacts to identify a caller when the phone in silent mode.

It may help us in many places like office, class, or on a movie date. ViBe also supports SMS/ MMS text messages. It may also help physically disabled individuals (blind and hearing impaired) to identify a caller.

How to Configure ViBe?

1. Install ViBe from the Android Market and run it.


2. Pick a contact and set a unique vibration pattern to him.

That’s it! You can download ViBe from Android Market for free.


  1. Thank you for the article! We are planning on releasing the next update fairly on ViBe which will allow a user to create their own ViBes.


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