Many people (me also) prefer third party DNS services as an alternative to their ISP’s DNS service mainly for faster web surfing. Most popular example is Open DNS. The newly launched Google Public DNS resolution service has also become popular, especially outside the US, because it provides a faster and secure web surfing.

Here I am talking about a free, portable utility called Gooogle DNS Helper. This tool helps you instantly switch between your current ISP’s DNS address and Google Public DNS address.


Although, changing your current DNS address is extremely simple, the tool make this even simple. Moreover, you can quickly restore your ISP’s DNS address at any time with a click.

Gooogle DNS Helper required .Net framework installed on your computer for working. As it is portable no installation required. Just run it. Download the tool from coders.

Now, to manually change your computer’s (desktop PC or Laptop) DNS server, go to Network and Sharing Center and click your Network connection. In Network Connection status popup window, click Properties.

Now, click Internet Protocol version (IPV 4) and then click Properties. Here you can change your DNS severs. To add Googles faster and secure DNS server, click “Use the following DNS severa address” and then add in “Prefferd DNS server” box and in “Alternate DNS Server” box. Click OK to save the setting and you are ready to use your new DNS severa.

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