Photomoji is an innovative feature within Google Messages that enhances text conversations by allowing users to create personalized emoji stickers from their own photos. Introduced in 2023, this feature leverages advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to generate unique and expressive stickers of their own. Here is how create your Photomoji in Google Messages app and how to use it in your conversation.

Create Photomoji in Google Messages

Photomoji feature is available only in RCS (Rich Communication Services) chats right now. By integrating Photomoji directly into the Google Messages app, users can seamlessly incorporate these custom stickers into their conversations, adding a personal and engaging touch to their digital communications.


Understanding Photomoji in Google Messages

The purpose of Photomoji is to offer users a more personalized and expressive way to communicate, going beyond the standard set of emojis available on most messaging platforms. By creating emoji stickers that are tailored to the user’s own likeness, Photomoji helps to convey emotions and reactions more accurately, making conversations more dynamic and relatable. The technology behind Photomoji includes sophisticated AI algorithms that analyze facial features from photos and generate corresponding emoji stickers that maintain high levels of detail and expressiveness.

Users need to just select a photo from their collection or take a selfie to create a Photomoji. It will automatically recognize the subject and remove everything else from the chosen photo to create an emoji, which you can then use in your conversation.

The impact of Photomoji on user engagement and expressiveness in digital communication is significant. By providing a platform for users to create and share personalized emoji stickers, Google Messages fosters a deeper level of connection and interaction among users. This feature encourages more expressive and meaningful conversations, as users can convey their thoughts and feelings through stickers that are uniquely their own. As a result, Photomoji not only enhances the overall messaging experience but also contributes to a more vibrant and engaging digital communication landscape.

How to Create and Use Photomoji in Google Messages?

  • To begin using Photomoji in Google Messages, ensure that your Google Messages app is updated to the latest version.
  • Launch Google Messages app and start a conversation.
  • Tap the message box and tap emoji icon. If should you see the Photomoji tab and a Create button, if the feature is available to you.
  • Tap Create button to generate your Photomoji.
  • Next, choose a photo from the gallery or take a selfie.
  • Google Messages will automatically identify the subject and generate an emoji.
  • Tap the Send button to send it.
Create Photomoji in Google Messages

Note that all the emoji you have created will get stored in the Photomoji section. In future conversation, you can use it again as a reaction or sticker. Now, here is how to send your Photomoji as a reaction.

How to Create and Send Photomoji as a Reaction?

  • Open the Google Messages app and go to a conversation.
  • Select a message that you want to react and click the Create or ‘+’ icon.
  • Select your Photomoji from the gallery and send it.

That is all how to use Google Messages app’s Photomoji creation tool to create your own emoji from your photos. It will enhance your messaging experience and have a more vibrant and engaging digital communication landscape.

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