In this guide, we will show you a simple solution to wake up your Android phone without using the power button. This can be useful, for instance, if your power button is hard to reach, if it is broken or if you just want to save time switching your display off and on. Read on to know how to wake up your Android phone without the power button.

The free Shake application lets you switch your phone’s display off and on by simply shaking your phone. Providing settings for horizontal and vertical shakes, the app also enables you to control other popular commands, such as launching your camera app, which is something similar to Quick Capture camera feature of Moto X.


The app uses device’s accelerometer for the action to done, which essentially measures the angle that you are holding it at. Using a short up/down or left/right gesture initiates a configurable action that you can use to launch an app or even activate a function.

How to use the app

You can install the Shake app free from Play Store [HERE]. Once installed, open the app and activate the “Service state” to on. Then you can configure the app to accept your shake commands.

For the accuracy of the action, you can configure the shake strength depending on your strength and the accelerometer sensitivity. Tap “Sensor sensitivity” option and adjust the sensitivity.


Now, to use Shake to switch on/off your device’s display, enable “activate when screen is off” option and then under “Action when shaken”, tap the Simple option in the top-right, then under select action set “Turn screen on”.

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