Here is how to turn off your Android phone’s screen with a double tap on the home button. Latest Android smartphones with fingerprint scanner does not require a power button to unlock the phone, but to lock it requires power button, unless rely on the screen timeout. Frequent use of power button can break it, so if you are looking for an alternate method to lock your phone, then the double tap gesture for home button can be useful.

The doubleHome app, which is available free on the Play Store, can turn off the screen with a double tap on the home button. The app works with both hardware and software home button. Just double tap on the home button, it will lock your phone’s screen instantly or after a timeout (depending on your settings). No root access is required. If switching off the screen too often is a pain, then this app might be a good choice.


The doubleHome – Double tap home to turn off the screen app requires Android 5.0 Lollipop and up. The app offers different screen off methods (direct off, timeout off, etc.) and you can also set double tap time, enable/disable edge light, etc. in app settings menu.


The timeout screen off feature can be useful, if you want to awake the screen immediately after double tap on the home button. During the timeout period (10 sec), double tapping on the screen will awake the phone again. While the, direct screen off method requires to make it an admin app.

DoubleHome can be downloaded free from Play store [Link]. If you are interested, tryout this app (Source – XDA)

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