Google Pixel Watch is an intelligent device with Android and Fitbit integration. One of the handy features of the Pixel Watch is the ECG reading ability. The device has an ECG (electrocardiogram) sensor on board to help users to conduct an ECG test with the Fitbit ECG app. Users can use Pixel Watch as an early diagnosis device for their heart condition.

Here is how to take your ECG reading with Pixel Watch and identify sign of AFib. The ECG electrical sensor on Pixel Watch can read electrical signals passing from your heart, which then translates into a heart rhythm (AFib) reading. Though it works straightforwardly, the test is not a passive one. Users should perform it on their own.


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Pixel Watch with Fitbit integration

How to Take Your ECG With Pixel Watch and Identify AFib?

1. On your Pixel Watch, press the crown (little knob on the side of the watch) once.

2. Now, scroll down and tap on the Fitbit ECG app.

take ECG with Pixel Watch

3. Next, rest your finger against the crown and hold still for at least 30 seconds.

4. The ECG app starts reading your heart rhythm.

5. After the ECG reading completes, it will let you know whether or not you have AFib.

Note that the ECG app will not be available on all Pixel Watch sold in all regions. Currently, the app is available in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and Ireland.

What is AFib (Atrial Fibrillation)?

As you may know, heart rhythm should have a particular profile to be considered healthy. The Fitbit app in Pixel Watch analyzes your heart rhythm data for signs of AFib (atrial fibrillation) and informs you. If you see a sign of AFib, you may need to contact your doctor for further diagnosis.

AFib (atrial fibrillation) is an irregular heartbeat and occurs when the upper chambers beat out of sync with the lower chambers. It can increase the risk of blood clot, stroke and heart attack. You can use the ECG app on your Pixel Watch to check your heart health, and if you find any abnormal reading, you can consult your doctor.

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