Multi-user pro?les is a new feature of Android 4.2 that enable you to set up a pro?le for each user on your Android tablet (not available on phone), so you can keep your emails and other data separate from each other. Also, each account need to download or purchase their very own set of apps from the Play store. One user cannot use other user’s app.

However, it is likely that only family members will use each other’s device, so thinking about app sharing across users would be a practical method.


To enable App Sharing on Android 4.2 tablet, you have to install an app called Multi-User App Share. It is free and enables the “main user” to decide which apps from his/her account other users can use.

Installation and Configuration

To install Multi-User App Share, your device need to be rooted first, and then install the app.

Once you launch the app, you can see a list of user name and list of apps below it. Here, you can select apps that you wish to share with other users.


Note: Currently this app does not support system apps. Paid apps will work, but may not work if it needs any kind of authentication.

You’ll get more details and download at Play Store.


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