By factory resetting your Android Wear smartwatch, you can ensure that all your personal data has been removed from it. It can be useful if you decided to sell your Android Wear Smartwatch or decided give it to another family member. The process is quite simple; however, it will be useful for beginners.

Android Wear smartwatches are fast becoming the primary choices as it can use together with Android smartphone. They fundamentally perform typical watch functions, while also owning a lot of smartphone features such as managing phone calls and SMS.


Follow below steps to reset your Android Wear Smartwatch to factory default, however, keep in mind that before factory resetting, your watch needs to be plugged or fully charged.

1. Wake up the device by tapping on the screen.

2. You will see a list of options. Scroll down through the options until you see “Settings.”

3. Select “Settings’ menu and then scroll down until you see “Reset device” option.

android gear reset

4. Now, access “Reset Device” option and confirm it. The device will shut down and perform a factory reset.

Once rebooted, your Android Wear device reverts to its initial state and wipe all of your personal data from it. Please note that, after resetting you will need to pair the smartphone with the smartwatch again.

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