Microsoft adds a startup boost feature to its chromium-based browser, Edge, to curb its launch time. If you enable the Startup Boost on Microsoft Edge, your browser will launch instantly. This feature is available on Windows, so here is how it works and how to enable it on your computer.

Whether it is Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, you might have noticed that your browser on your computer takes too long time to launch once you log on to your computer. But the startup boost feature will solve this issue in Microsoft Edge. Once you enable it, Edge will launch swiftly than before.


Steps to Enable Startup Boost in Microsoft Edge to Reduce Launch Time

1. Open Microsoft Edge browser on your Windows.

2. Click on the three-horizontal dots menu and choose Settings.

3. On the left pane of the browser window, under Settings, click on System.

4. Turn on the Startup boost option and restart your browser.

5. This setting will reduce the launch time of the Microsoft Edge browser on your Windows PC.

Enable Startup boost in Microsoft Edge to speedup the launch

How Does Edge’s Startup Boost Works?

The Startup Boost feature of Microsoft Edge works by running core processes of the browser in the background when the browser is closed.The Startup Boost feature of Microsoft Edge works by running core processes of the browser in the background. That is, the browser launches when you sign in to your computer and continue running in the background when you close all browser windows. So, Edge will start more quickly when it launches from the taskbar or desktop.

This feature will not affect the performance of your computer. Since the background process runs at low priority on your computer, it has a limited impact on device resource usage.

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