We live in a world where people are more dependent on their mobile devices each day. It is used for both businesses and personal uses alike, so chances are there for getting various information in the form of call, text messages, etc. each day. However, what if you miss your phone at home or if it is on the other desk for charging? We miss various important notifications. Isn’t it?

Did you know that if you own an Android smartphone and if you are not having it with you for certain reasons, still you could see all the notification coming on your phone right on your computer? You can do that with a small app called Android Desktop Notifications.



To work this, you need to install Android Desktop Notifications add-on for Google Chrome on your computer (or Firefox add-on) and the corresponding Android app called Desktop Notifications from Google Play Store to your Android Phone.

After installing both these apps, you have to pair the Desktop Notification app on your Android device with Chrome Web Browser extension.

For that, type the unique alphanumeric code (from Chrome Browser Extension) into the Desktop Notification App on your Android phone. After you have done it, all your phone notifications will appear as a pop-up alert in your Web Browser.

Also, you can choose the apps from which you want to receive the notifications. For that, go to the Settings option of Android Notifications app on your phone and choose the apps.

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