The use of cellphone is one of the main reasons for distracted driving accidents, but unfortunately, some people won’t keep their hands off their cellphone while they drive. For those who need to check their smartphone while driving, but lacking a smartphone-compatible dashboard on their car for hands-free driving, and own an Android phone, there are numerous solutions available for them.


Though, some Android phones have built-in options for use it while driving, for example Sony Xperia Z’s Car Launcher (Read here to know how to use this feature on non-Xperia devices), there are so many alternate options available for any of your Android phone.

In previous articles, I had mentioned several Android applications that can help you for safe driving such as auto response system, Augmented Driving app for early accident warning, etc. here is another app for your android phone if you just want your messages read to you.

ReadItToMe is a free app designed to read your incoming SMS messages for you. You can set the app to activate automatically while you connect to the Bluetooth, or if you do not have Bluetooth, you can activate it by turning on the speakerphone or plugging in your headphones.

Read SMS for Android

Note: If you want to reply to text messages or have it read other apps notifications (Google Talk, Whatsapp), you will need to upgrade to the pro version.

There are so many texting apps on the market coming up these days, but after trying a few of them, I think ReadItToMe is very easy to use, mainly we can set it to run automatically.

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