Microsoft’s Bing is famous for its background image. Each day Bing homepage beautify with a new background image. Like to make Bing image your default live wallpaper on your Android phone? So everyday your phone has a new, beautiful wallpaper that keep up with the daily image found on Bing.
Bing Live Wallpaper is a lightweight Android app that fetches Bing daily images and makes it your default live wallpaper on the Android phone. The wallpaper will resize automatically to fit your screen.

Bing Live Wallpaper can be installed from Google Play Store. Once installed the App, go to Settings –> Display –> Wallpaper and choose “Live Wallpaper” here to enable the Bing wallpaper.


The app does not require a constant internet connection to display the image. It’ll display the last automatically downloaded wallpaper until an internet connection becomes available. Moreover, it will save Bing images on your SD card.

From the preference menu you can change some settings such as enable wallpaper updates over WiFi only, enable or disable hotspots and its font size, etc.

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