Since the very beginning of the release, several Nexus 5X owners are complaining of a display with yellow tint. Yellowing issues on a smartphone is nothing new, even the original Nexus 5 had this issue, but the real problem here is that the yellow tint makes the display looks dull. Google already addressed this issue and released a fix for it.

Is your Nexus 5X showing a warm, yellow screen? Read on to know how to fix it. With the security patch for March (MHC19J), Google included a solution to fix the yellowish issue on Nexus 5X. However, note that just flashing the update will not fix the issue; instead, you have to change the screen temperature to cooler side. This update includes a ‘Cool color temperature’ toggle for Nexus 5X to tackle the yellow tint issue.



Note that the upcoming Android N (Android 7.0) will have a comprehensive option for changing the screen color temperature. The developer preview version of Android N has a display calibration option, besides the cool color temperature toggle. The display calibration option lets you adjust the screen color (RGB) to a desired a value.

How to Fix Yellow Tint on Nexus 5X Screen

1. First, install March security update (MHC19J). Check it by going to Settings > About phone > System update.

2. Now, enable the ‘Developer Options’ menu. To do so, go to Settings > About phone > and tap on Build number repeatedly.

3. In the Settings menu, tap on ‘Developer Options’, scroll down and turn on the option ‘Cool color temperature’


Note that, you will need to turn the display off and back on for changes to take effect.

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