To get new features, performance improvement and updated applications every device needs to be updated. But most people don’t know how to update their device’s software or firmware.

For Nokia mobile phone users, here is a simple way to update their phone via PC with Nokia Software Updater.


Before starting the update procedure, let us see what this tool updates. It updates only the software embedded in the memory of your phone, and applications such as the calendar and phonebook. User data such as contacts, photos, messages, and add-on applications such as Java games or Symbian applications will not update.

1. Download and install the software. After restarting your computer, connect your PC to internet.

2. Connect your phone to PC via USB cable. Select phone mode on your mobile phone (if asking). Now your computer will automatically update your phone’s hardware if it is not already installed.

3. Then run Nokia Software Updater. Now you will get a screen as shown in the image below. Select ‘Start’ button.

4. After searching for your phone’s firmware you will get screen as shown below.

5. Then click ‘Update’ button to upgrade your phone’s firmware. Remember that your phone should be fully charged.

In some Nokia device models, when you update using the Nokia Software Updater, user data – such as contacts and pictures – will be deleted (the Nokia Software Updater will warn you if this is the case).

Updating your device software will not affect your Nokia device’s network lock (also known as SIMlock) status.

Nokia Software Updater is compatible with most Nokia devices (check here) and you can be downloaded it here. It Requires: Windows Vista or XP. Download Nokia Software Updater (23.2Mb)

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