Android has a built-in screensaver feature, but most users do not use it. Screensaver will start when the phone in charging mode, while docked or both. If you love screensaver, you will certainly love the Widget Screensaver app. As its name implies, this app lets you turn any widget into a screensaver for your Android phone.

Android offers only a few screensavers by default such as a clock, color, photos and News & Weather. With the Widget Screensaver app, you can use any available widget as screensaver – such as calendar, latest news, the location of your friends and more. What is more, the app supports any phone runs Android 5.0 Lollipop and above.


Here is how to use your favorite widget as your screensaver with the Widget Screensaver. Created by XDA senior member Humpie, the app is a free download on Play store. It works with any widget you have on the phone and offers some customizations like adjusting width and height of the widget.

The app has also screen burn-in protection, so you don’t have to worry about that issue on phones with AMOLED screens.


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How to Use Widget Screensaver

1. Download and install Widget Screensaver app from Play Store [HERE]

2. After installation, open the app and tap on “Pick a widget”.

3. Choose your desired widget.

4. Now, go to Screensaver settings page under Display settings or tap on “Screensaver Settings” button within the app.


5. In the Screensaver settings page, tap on current Screensaver and choose “Widget screensaver”.

6. To activate the screensaver, tap “When to start’ and select your choice – in charging mode, while docked or both. That’s it!
[Source – xda]

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