LG G6 is the flagship of 2017 from LG that comes packed with amazing features and great hardware specs. Running on the LG UX 6.0 UI (Android 7.0 Nougat), the LG G6 offers great performance. However, during the course of use you might want to restore stock firmware on LG G6. For example, if it bricked or stuck in the welcome screen (boot loop) while tweaking the system, rooting or installing custom ROM or flashing custom recovery like TWRP.

In this guide, we show you how to restore stock firmware on LG G6. To reinstall stock firmware, you need to download correct firmware file (KDZ file) for your device variant and regions. Wrong firmware may cause issues or will not install properly. So, before proceeding to restore stock firmware on LG G6, check your device variant, for example LG-H870, LG-H872, etc. and download matching kdz firmware file.



The benefits of reinstalling stock firmware (official firmware) on LG G6 are several.

– To fix boot loop issues (stuck in the welcome screen issue) after flashing a wrong ROM or custom ROM

– To unroot a rooted phone

– Feel nostalgic about stock ROM after flashing a custom ROM

– Restore a soft-bricked LG G6 and more.


– Backup important data you have on the phone
– Make sure you have installed latest LG drivers on your Windows PC
– At least 80% battery charge remaining on the phone

How to Restore/Install Stock Firmware (KDZ file) on LG G6

Disclaimer: Inexperienced users do not try the below method. Follow the instruction at your own risk. We will not be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

1. Download LG G6 KDZ Nougat firmware file. For international variant LG G6 (LG-H870), download kdz file from here (April 2017). For other variants (LG-H873, LG-H872, LG-H871, LGUS997, LG-H87010f, VS988, LG-H870DS, LG-H87010D, etc.), download from source here or here.

2. Download latest version of LGUP Tool [HERE] and install it on your computer

3. Download LGUP DLL file (LGUP_common.dll, ver. from here and save the .dll file to C:\Program Files\LG Electronics\LGUP\mode.

4. Now, reboot your LG G6 into Download Mode (Switch off the phone, press and hold Volume Up button while connecting the G6 to PC using the USB cable)

4. Run the LGUP tool on PC (Installed in step 2), select device and make sure BIN File box and Refurbish box is checked.

5. Click on ‘Upgrade’ and then select the KDZ firmware file you have saved on your PC.

6. Now, close the LGUP tool, reopen it, and then click the START button to start flashing the firmware. After the flashing, your device will automatically reboot.

You have now successfully restored stock firmware on LG G6 to Android Nougat. Disconnect your phone from PC and enjoy. Any question? Leave it in the comment section below. (Source – XDA)

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  1. Soo I tried this method, step by step and all seemed well but as I ensured my APN and call settings were correct I started noticing it constantly dropping signal. Wifi is fine and when the signal picks up it is good but seems like modem problem (hopefully not). When I first make a call it will drop from 4GLTE to 3G followed by H and then no signal and then back to H during the remainder of the call. Do you think this might have something to do with the APN IPV4/IPV6 settings? I’m MVNO MetroPCS off of T-Mobile in US PCNW. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this phone is technically unlocked from my previous Verizon contact so the carrier isn’t going to do much to help…especially after I just tried downgrading from 8.0 latest to the 7.0 original, (was getting bloatware from Verizon and Project Fi, that bloatware has not returned since using your method but now I just need my steady data back.)

  2. I received a VS988 as a gift, but I am an ATT customer. Can I unroot the VZW firmware and flash the ATT firmware so that I can get the voicemail and MMS functionality?

  3. I love you mate!!! You saved my phone from a Bootloader-mode brick!!! Thanks a lot! If you have 0x2BC or Preloader error in the new phones like G6 or K10 THIS IS THE SOLUTION! You are the boss!!!!

  4. I have a H871 (AT&T)that I want to use on a Verizon network. Can I just flash it with the Verizon (VS988) variant or international (H870) firmware?

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