One of the best features of WhatsApp is Group Chat, where a user can communicate with several people all at once. This feature has both advantages and disadvantages. Until recently, it was not possible to respond to a message privately in WhatsApp group chat. Everyone in that group can see any message you send, but it has changed now.

Here is how to respond to a WhatsApp Group Chat message privately or send a private reply to a WhatsApp group chat. WhatsApp implemented the Private Reply feature to Group Chat, allowing people to reply or respond to messages privately. This feature is available in WhatsApp for Android and iOS.


WhatsApp has the “Reply privately” option for Group chat from version 2.18.380, so you may have already familiar with it. It allows privately replying to a group chat member or to a message directly from the chat itself, but it starts a separate conversation page away from the group chat page.

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Reply to WhatsApp Group Chat Messages Privately

1. Open WhatsApp on your phone and choose a group.

2. Now, when you want to reply to a message in a group chat privately, long press the message.

3. Tap the three-dot menu button, and then select Reply privately


4. Type your message and then hit the send button.

This feature might be very useful when you want to reply to a particular group chat message or a group chat member privately. This feature will ensure private messages are not accidentally posted in the group chat for everyone to see.

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The article was first published in January 2019 and updated on September 2021.

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