To protect its users from malware and other dangerous codes Outlook’s built-in system blocks some email attachments by thinking it as unsafe to open.

OK that is best for your security. But unfortunately Outlook’s built-in system is not as intelligent as we think. It often blocks genuine attachments too. Once blocked, you can not unblock it again.


If the blocked attachment is important for you, there is a simple way to unblock it. The freeware Outlook Attachment Enabler lets you do that quite easily.

This Outlook extension can be installed on Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003 & Office XP and offers the following features.Outlook-Attachment-Enabler

1. Control what attachments Outlook has deemed to be unsafe,
2. Add to the default list of blocked attachment types.
3. Includes the full and complete list of what Outlook will block by default.

If you find Outlook Attachment Enabler is useful, you can download it free at source.

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