In Windows 8.1, the Windows Explorer has been renamed File Explorer and when compared to the classic Windows 7 explorer, File Explorer has few changes and new features. In my personal experience, the Windows 8.1 File Explorer and its features make handling files a much more efficient experience.

However, if you are still love the classic Windows Explorer of Windows 7 and like to bring it back to Windows 8.1, you can do that easily with a Windows 8.1 shell extension called OldNewExplorer.

OldNewExplorer is a small Windows 8.1 shell extension that lets you tweak File Explorer as your liking. With it, you can restore devices grouping, restore libraries, remove folders, restore details pane at bottom and remove Ribbon interface. Note that everything is optional for your liking.


Installation is simple. Download OldNewExplorer, run OldNewExplorerCfg.exe and click Install button to install shell.
After installation, select tweaks you want to apply to your Windows 8.1 explorer window and click install button. That’s it!

The app can be downloaded free from here.

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