Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s battery can be fully charged in under an hour with “Fast Charging” feature enabled. Normal charging mode will take a couple of hours to complete. Though not optimal (when it compared with Oppo’s Vooc Charger and Nexus 6’s Turbo Charger), Note 4’s Fast Charging is an impressive feature that can help us quickly charge its battery with the Adaptive Fast Charger supplied with the device.



On Galaxy Note 4, the Fast Charging feature is enabled by default. However, if you have disabled this feature by mistake or may be your friend disabled it, and you have forgotten how to enable it again, this guide should help you. Head over to the next paragraph to know how to enable fast charging feature on Galaxy Note 4.

Before you get start, the 3220mAh on your Galaxy Note 4 is efficient enough to keep you going for a couple of days with ease. Besides that, the “Ultra Power Saving mode” keeps the battery last for a long time. However, the battery will drain very fast when you use your device for battery intensive tasks, such as browsing internet, playing games , etc. Fast Charging Mode helps you charge your phone quickly.

How to fast charge your Galaxy Note 4’s battery

1. Go to phone Settings -> System -> Power Saving

2. Under Power saving option, check the option “Fast Charging”

3. Fast Charging feature is now enabled.


Now use Adaptive Fast Charger supplied with your device to charge your Galaxy Note 4 quickly. Please remember to use the original charger and original cable for charging your phone; otherwise, the Fast Charging feature will not work.

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