Samsung Galaxy S5 has a touchless feature for answering incoming calls. To accept an incoming call you only need to say the word ‘Answer the call’. This feature can be useful when your hands are not free to take the phone, for example while driving. This feature will also be available on other Samsung’s high-end phones.

To answer a call without touching on your Samsung Galaxy S5’s screen, you need to enable the ‘Voice Control’ option in settings menu. However, before you get started with the option, keep in mind that, in this mode, your phone’s speakerphone will turn on automatically. Also note that, the Voice Control feature will not work in the silent mode and for the accuracy of voice recognition, your ringtone should be set at lower volume level.


How to answer calls without touching on your Samsung Galaxy S5

1. Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Answering and ending calls.

2. You will see 3 options that allow you to answer incoming phone calls: Pressing the Home key, Voice Control and Waving hand over device.

3. Enable the second option, i.e. Voice Control and close the Settings menu.


My finding: In my personal experience, the accuracy of voice recognition on Galaxy S5 is not perfect. Though you can improve the voice recognition by reducing the ringtone volume, this feature on Galaxy S5 is far behind the Motorola Moto X’s Touchless control.

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