The Windows Experience Index Score, which is available on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 lets you measure the capability of your computer’s hardware and software configuration and display the score (1 – 9). A higher score means your computer will perform better and faster when running resource-hungry applications and games.

Microsoft has removed the Windows Experience Index feature from Windows 8.1, but you can bring it back with a little application called ChrisPC Win Experience Index. It can help you find a PC that suits all your needs when you buy a new PC.



This free application measures your PC’s hardware configurations (CPU, Memory, Storage Disk, Graphics, and Gaming) and displays the score. This application runs on any Windows version on 32 or 64 bits, but intended for Windows 8.1 only.

ChrisPC Win Experience Index is easy to use. Download and install the app. Just run and it’ll display the base score instantly. Also, you can re-run assessments with a single click.

Manual way to get Windows Experience Index Score on Windows 8.1:

If you’re not happy with a third-party application, there is a manual way to get the Windows Experience Index Score on Windows 8.1. (Via – intowindows)

1. Got to C: – Windows – Performance – WinSAT – DataStore. Open the folder DataStore and find the file named Formal.Assessment (Initial).WinSAT.

WEI Score 1

2. Double click to open the xml file (if you have multiple files, select the latest one) in your default web browser.

WEI Score

3. You will now see the date on which the file was generated, the score for your hardware, such as system score (base score), memory score (RAM score), CPU score, graphics score, disk score, and gaming score (gaming graphics).

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